Garden Journal: Week of 6/6

Hannah here with lots of great news to share with you about our flourishing garden!

For our Tuesday workday (which was thankfully a bit more bearable than the 94 degree one the week before) we focused on weeding and composting planted beds.  We weeded the cotton, wormwood, heartsease, asclepias, and nigella and then added a layer of compost to keep the weeds down and give our plants some much-needed nutrients.  The layer of compost also makes the beds look wonderfully finished and healthy.  Rachael and Lily thinned out our sesame plants that are already off to a healthy start.  Giving the individual plants a bit more room was needed, and by Sunday their big leaves were beginning to fill in the gaps.

Cotton plants standing tall along the perimeter of the garden.

Our antagonists the squirrels got to a lot of our seeds, so we spent some time re-planting peanuts, cotton, corn and cow peas.

Erica sows cotton at the garden's edge.

We also touched up spaces where some nasturtium were squished.  Hopefully these new ones will do a bit better!

A thriving nasturtium near the entrance to the garden.

The rest of the week was nearly unbearable, and Erica ended up needing to drink 4 liters of water while weeding the cotton, Joseph’s Coat and marshmallow.  Thankfully we had some great rain storms at the end of the week that made the plants very happy.  A huge storm bringing some great rain is blowing through Charlottesville as I write.

Rachael also went after our other foe, the Groundhog, this week by adding pinwheels and beach balls to the garden.  We hope that these moving objects will scare the vermin away. Jim & Elaine, two resident Hereford faculty fellows who tend to the Hereford Mini-Farm, already lost their broccoli and cauliflower to the menace.  If you have a dog, help us out by walking him around our garden to discourage that Groundhog!

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One Response to Garden Journal: Week of 6/6

  1. Peggy Cornett says:

    Lily, I love this blog. Would love to know how to create something like this. Will definitely come for a visit. Are you going to the Friday luncheon? Thanks for sharing.

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