Garden Journal: Week of 6/20

Hannah here with another update from the TJ Demo Garden!  We had a very eventful week at the garden, starting with a visit from the Historic Landscape Institute students on Tuesday morning.  The HLI teaches students from around the country about historic landscape preservation and historic horticulture through tours of Monticello and UVA Gardens.  After introductions and a tour of our garden they helped us with some of the tasks we have been meaning to finish.

Our friends from the Historic Landscape Institute

One group helped Erica put up the trellis that she and Rachael made for the lima beans to grow up.

Putting up the trellis

So far they’re catching on!

Lima Beans climbing

A second group helped me plant fish heads in the corn bed to give them the nutrients they need to grow and produce.  Sadly the critters found the fish a few days later, so we will have to try planting new heads next week.

Chopping up fish heads

A third group did some much-needed weeding in the Tansy bed.  Now it’s all ready for some mulch.

Weeding the Tansy bed

The fourth group helped Lily plant hops and passionflower in the beds at the front of the garden.  They were looking a bit weak this weekend, so hopefully they will push through and flourish.

Planting Hops & Passion Flower

Tuesday evening all of the TJ Demo Garden & Hereford Mini-Farm gardeners gathered for a delicious dinner at Nancy’s house.  We had pasta with fresh pesto from the garden’s basil plants, tomato and potato stew, fruit salad with peaches from Chile’s, salmon, a fresh garden salad, and Earl Grey Tea bread pudding (from Rachael) with homemade serviceberry jam (from Erica).  Yum!

Delicious food at Nancy's

For the rest of the week we worked on weeding behind the crop beds to make a clean line behind the blackberries.  One more week, and we will have some fresh berries to eat.  On Thursday we spotted the first bloom on a marshmallow, and can’t wait for more beautiful flowers to pop up in the garden.

Marshmallow blossom

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