Garden Journal: Week of 11/21

Happy Thanksgiving, darling readers!

Our final TJ Demo Garden workday of the fall season was last Saturday! It has been an excellent season culminating in a morning taking apart the lima trellis, picking the last bulbs of cotton for wreath making at Monticello, and seed storing.

Nutmeg Plant, Pleurisy Root, Cowpea, Marshmallow, Flax, Joseph's Coat, Buckwheat, Sesame, Cotton Seed & Fluff

Janet Miller, who leads some of the holiday wreath making workshops at Monticello, dropped by to pick up cotton husks to use in this year’s wreaths. See how pretty the husks look? Almost like flowers…

Cotton husks for holiday wreaths

Sitting in a circle on chairs, the ground, and the greenhouse steps, nine of us found out one of life’s most peaceful pastimes: seed collecting. A few of us separated cotton and seed, peanuts were shelled, pleurisy captured, and several other seeds bottled that we’d harvested earlier in the season.

Sitting and seeding

The lima trellis was boned and gutted in preparation for winter. This way, we can use the wood and screws again in a future construction.

Rachael dismantling the lima trellis

Now the road side of the garden looks so strange to us, without the high wall of limas and sunflowers, sunchokes and corn. On a positive note, the “Hereford Mini-farm” sign can be seen again.

Emert licking his chops during a mischievous trot in a rye bed

Emert, Nancy Takahashi’s dog, sure loved romping through our beds of rye. He must have been hankering for some fresh greens!

In proper holiday spirit, I give thanks to the remaining greenery here in Virginia, as well as thanks to gardens and gardeners everywhere! Cheers to a new season!

~Lily Cartwright

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