Garden Journal: Week of 3/31/2012

Hello Gard’na’s!

Saturday the 31st was a beautiful day to be outside! Warm and sunny, we at the TJDG joyfully puttered away in our garden on the hill. Our darling graduate student, Chelsea Dewitt, led this garden day. Mission: weed out the winter.

Muchisimos amounts of weeding occurred. (Note: Muchisimos is Tex-Mex for A WHOLE LOT.)

See Before:


And After:


See how great the calendula bed looks after all the weeds were pulled?


The golden flowers give such bright definition!

The rye we planted in winter as a cover crop, well:


It got a wee bit high.

The rye has been such a good winter protector for our beds! But, now it is spring, it has to come down. First we trimmed it.


Step 1: Shear it down.


Then the rest we turned into the soil:


Emily turning the rye bed

Step 2: Turn it into the ground.


Turned soil

The corn stalks, so imposing in their prime, now resemble walking sticks of little old men:


The corn stalks were up …


...and then they were down!

The Johnny-Jump-Ups (heartsease) are so cute popping up throughout the garden!


Now the TJDG is fresh and ready for next week’s planting!

ImageSee you then!

~Lily Cartwright~

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