Garden Journal: April 7, 2012

Welcome to another garden update!

Saturday at the garden was a bit chilly, but once you start working you warm right up so it was no problem! It was nice and sunny as well, so in other words great gardening weather!

Today we all saw A LOT of weeds. Even with all our work weeds still cover some parts of the garden like a carpet, so we again tackled the perpetual menace.

Our tansy plants made a big move, but held up well. We took out the marshmallow plants, which will regrettably no longer be in our garden, and the tansy plants took their place. It was a big job, and took up most of the day, not to mention the weeding of the (former) marshmallow bed itself.

Digging up the tansies was hard work. Props to all who helped out with this sweat-inducing part of the job!

Getting the tansy plants nice and settled into their new homes. We have so many tansy plants, so this took a while.

Almost done! Except the poor tansies are looking pretty sad. That’s just what happens when you move plants in the bright sun. They’ll be much more perky once they get a good watering, and they did. The evicted marshmallow plants are in the background.

The Johnny-Jump-Ups that we collected from the CHP were planted as well. Here they are, getting acquainted with their Beargrass (Yucca) neighbors.

Another important job done was the planting of our onions, started at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants. They’ve grown so much from their tiny seeds; it’s amazing when you think about it.

We placed each onion seedling into straight lines across the garden plot.

Look at us go!

What’s impressive about this is even though four people were working on this job, all the onions were planted neatly into straight lines. We have good teamwork here at the garden.

After the Calendula plot was weeded, we had to replace some of the plants that didn’t make it.

Your author, filling in the gaps of our blooming calendula bed. Calendulas are supposed to be annuals, but I guess our mild winter helped them survive. Only a few didn’t make it.

Our garden is coming along at a quick pace. Each workday we do so much, and soon the growing season will be well underway.  I look forward to seeing the garden transform, and I hope you all do as well!

Sharon Ellison, Class of ’13.

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