Garden Journal: April 15, 2012

The lovely salsify blossoms

This Saturday brought beautiful weather and another fun-filled and productive work day. Interns were welcomed into the garden by beautiful Purple Salsify blossoms. The interns worked hard and were able to transform the garden after two hours of weeding, planting, and watering. The morning began with preparing beds to plant flax, Jerusalem Artichoke, hops, corn, indigo, and wheat.

Yong, Sharon, and Emily transplanting Jerusalem Artichokes

The Jerusalem Artichoke, which had come back in full force, was transplanted into a bed that had been thoroughly sprinkled with compost.

Interns then planted flax and wheat seeds and lightly sprinkled them with compost. Hopefully they will be popping up within the coming weeks. Signs were placed in their appropriate positions so that garden visitors can be aware of all the treasures the garden holds.


As a final activity, the corn bed was transformed from a jungle to a place ready for planting. The wheelbarrow had to make quite a few trips to transport all the weeds from the garden. The indigo plants as well as the cotton plants by the entrance of the garden were pulled out, fully modifying the garden’s appearance.

Emily pulling out a dead cotton plant left over from last year.

All in all, it was a successful and wonderful work day!

Lily, Sharon, Emily, Marissa, Yong, and Chelsea celebrating after a successful work day.

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