Garden Journal: April 21, 2012

As students anxiously approach finals, the garden provides an oasis and escape from the hectic school day. We’ve been blessed with productive and sunny workdays thus far, and Saturday, April 21st,  was no exception. So much has been transformed in the TJDG recently!

All our work is certainly visible from this angle.

Yong prepares a garden bed for new plants.

Sharon plants a new sumac at the garden's northern border.

A lively ant colony.

It almost feels naked without the weedy, bristly cotton plants that we laboriously ripped out. However, this task has helped make the garden look cleaner and ready for many more changes ahead.

We stumbled upon an ant colony whilst digging up the cotton. That slowed our progress for a moment but by the end of the workday we had conquered all of the perimeter beds.

The passionflower vines have been growing quite well without any of our interference. All of the interns are excitedly awaiting the day many months from now when we can taste their sweet fruit again!

New wormwood and southernwood plants have joined the garden to fill in the empty spaces in the beds. Also,  I was able to plant new hops plants underneath the locust trellis. Later, we will insert twine to help them grow vertically, allowing them to someday reach the top of the trellis. We can’t wait to see the organic arch it will create by the greenhouse!

They are only tiny now, but we are excited to watch them grow and complete the hops trellis!

However, spring has also brought new pests to the garden: black aphids and ladybugs have swarmed the salsify! The task of aphid-squishing may be in our future if they remain. The flowers, though, are absolutely gorgeous.

Unfortunately, this was the last day for the Jerusalem Artichokes. The interns dug out their bulbous roots quite easily; some were taken home to be re-planted or cooked into an interesting stew.

They were fairly easy to uproot.

As always, there’s a never-ending line of amazing creatures and events in the garden. On this day, our friendly skink popped out of the sheets Rachael was folding! Gladly, he ran back to the safety of his home under the green house.

Our garden friend came out for a visit!

This Saturday, April 28th, we will be taking part in an open house at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plant. Stop by our table from 10am-4pm.

Enjoy the sun!


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