Garden Journal: May 6, 2012

As another school year comes to a close, the garden is just revving up for summer.  Like all workdays this spring, our last was just as busy and productive.  With all of the beds cleared of remnants from past plantings, we reformed and reworked them to prepare the soil for new seeds.  Small sesame seeds were carefully planted in two shallow, long rows; three corn seeds were planted in each mound of the corn bed; peanuts were cracked open and the large seeds were buried in our four ‘peanut room’ beds; buckwheat was broadcast sown, a method of seeding that involves scattering seed by hand over the bed; and finally, our furry, cotton seeds were dropped into their new homes, which will become our garden border once again.

Lily C. was a pro at thinning our Nigella sativa seeds…a task that requires much patience. We were also excited to finish the hops trellis, which still needed the addition of twine that will guide the plants up and over the greenhouse to form a nice shady passageway in summer.

As an end of the semester celebration we enjoyed a delicious feast of Nancy’s delicious salmon, Lily FB’s chickpea salad, chips and dip, and some interesting herb soda from Rachael.

Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful and productive spring and stay tuned for summer updates!


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