Garden Journal: July 6, 2012

Hello garden enthusiasts!

This week the garden was subjected to extreme temperatures and severe thunderstorms.  I started getting up REALLY early to water the garden..avoiding the heat seemed like a good idea to me!  When I went to visit the garden one early morning, I saw that some of our plants did not do so well in the storms.

Our Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus) feeling rather down after the storm

But have no fear, we set out to rescue our garden and in less than a few days, had succeeded in helping our plants stand tall and secure!  Using lots of stakes, a hammer, and some string, I helped pick the corn up first, so that it would be standing tall in no time at all.

Staking up some corn

Tying the corn stalks to secure them

After our corn was looking better, I sought to help out the Jerusalem artichokes and a few  cotton plants that were falling over.  Once that was all done, I stood back and admired how wonderful our garden was looking!

Rescuing the Jerusalem Artichokes from the ground

Our sunflowers, despite the heat, are growing ever taller and definitely surpass me in height.  The first sunflower appeared the other day, and I found the color of the bright yellow flowers against the blue sky breathtaking.  Surely our future tour groups will enjoy seeing all our plants when they come to visit!

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus)

Other than garden maintenance this week, Amy and I have been working to research camp and garden groups throughout Charlottesville.  Our mission is to bring various groups into the garden throughout the summer.  We are very excited to show the garden to the greater Charlottesville community and spread the joy of gardening to all.  Hopefully there will be a group coming to visit sometime next week!

– Kari

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