Garden Journal: August 21, 2012

Hi garden enthusiasts!

In the last week of interning in the garden, I feel a little bit sorry to leave the place which I hanging around throughout  this summer. I have been seeing how the plants grow, reap then wilt while we garden interns laughed and shared the experience of watering, weeding and fertilizing. Those are all triggers. But, I don’t think that will keep my feeling down because I know I will come back for sure. So, let’s see what we are going to do in the final:

First, we remove the seed heads of the Soapwort to promote the growth of new flowers (this is also called deadheading).




(Saponaria officinalis)

Second, the overgrowth hops fell off from the strings which them stuck along that we are going to pull it back.



(Humulus americanus, H. lupulus)

Finally, we are going to clean up the bed of onion for sowing the new seeds.


(Allium cepa)

After doing those, my garden’s journey almost done. Meanwhile, it’s time for me to ready for the coming fall study. And I am happy and proud of the gardening experiences I learned here because it is really helpful to my professional study and work. I think that is the greatest thing the garden’s work means to me. Thank you, Thomas Jefferson Demonstration Garden.

~ Hong

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2 Responses to Garden Journal: August 21, 2012

  1. Amoret Bruguiere says:

    Hong, I have enjoyed your posts this summer! I hope that you have an interesting and productive school year! All my best wishes to you, Lily Fox-Bruguiere’s Mom

  2. tjdgintern says:

    Thank you so much, Amoret. I am glad you like my posts and keep following our garden’s work as a team. I will keep your words in mind. Best wish to you.


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