Garden Journal: 10/20/12

Hello everyone!  Last Saturday we ventured out to Thomas Jefferson’s Center for Historic Plants at Monticello!  The mission of the Center for Historic Plants is to promote several varieties of garden plants, notably those that Thomas Jefferson grew at Monticello.  The Center also holds many lectures, workshops and other educational programs throughout the year.  It was a beautiful day to be outside, and we all enjoyed talking to people about our garden while also walking around to see what the Center had to offer!

Our table all set up!

View of the Léonie Bell Rose Garden

Our table was located right in front of the Léonie Bell Rose Garden, which features over 30 different types of roses.  The smell of the garden when we first walked in was absolutely wonderful!

A rose in the Léonie Bell Rose Garden

Throughout the day we got to talk to many visitors about the TJDG and I think we gained a lot of interest! We also got to walk around a bit, and saw the variety of plants that were being sold.  We had the opportunity of trying some homemade apple sauce, which was delicious and one of the highlights of the day!  I asked the lady how she made it, and she said her recipe was a combination of many different types of apples (granny smith, red delicious, ect.)  She also said she didn’t add any sugar to the recipe, so it was remarkable how sweet and delicious the apple sauce was without adding anything extra to it!

I got to walk around a bit and I saw some really interesting plants, some that I had not even heard of before!

A Purple Hyacinth Bean Plant

Pictured to the left is an interesting plant that we got to try!  We all thought it was a beautiful plant, and Lily told us we could eat the beans, which tasted similar to a sugar-snap pea, but not as sweet.  Overall it was a wonderful day to spend outside!  We enjoyed sharing our knowledge of the TJDG along with learning about many of the exciting new plants seen at CHP.  We hope to visit again very soon!

~ Kari

Chelsea and Marissa exploring the garden at CHP

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