Garden Journal: February 3, 2013

With the sun peeking out to scare away the chill of winter, the interns, Nancy, and Lily worked in the garden today. Last week, we met to discuss our idea for planting and re-designing the layout for spring. With Nancy’s great help and leadership, we have decided to extend the garden! This new arrangement will remove the cotton as border, extend corn into the grassy stretch beyond the garden, leave a plot for experimental plants, and more. Our inspiration for the extension, as always, comes from Thomas Jefferson himself. Lily sent us his plan for a shrub design he was planning at Monticello in order to create a “ferme ornee” or ornamental farm.
TJ's detailed plan for an ornamental shrub addition to Monticello--which may just join the TJDG soon!

TJ’s detailed plan for an ornamental shrub addition to Monticello–which may just join the TJDG soon!

Chelsea, Kari, Marissa and I are thrilled to death with the idea of a maze of corn or something similar for the garden. We’ve been presented with an amazing opportunity to grow beyond our borders and we will definitely develop an interesting addition for the TJDG! Chelsea developed a Planting Plan for some of our proposed changes.

However, before we get too excited about such a project, we have to prepare the space. Within the coming week, Nancy has arranged for Facilities Management to come rototill the stretch of grass we are eyeing and lay down a layer of compost for the soil.

This will look very different pretty soon!

This will look very different pretty soon!

Today, we cleared the way for them by transplanting four Pawpaw trees and discarding of a dying pear tree. The Pawpaws found a new home on the outskirts of the current trees in our little arboretum.

image2 image3 (1)

We were careful to mix in some fresh soil to the oil, water them, and seal the deal with some mulch. We will have to keep an eye on them to be sure they aren’t too dry in the coming weeks; gator bags may be necessary to keep them thoroughly nourished as Pawpaws are normally near bodies of water and like to be consistently watered.

photo (4)photo (5)

emily pawpawskari paw paws

Next week, the interns will jump into another exciting project: a new sign! Chelsea is  arranging for us to work in the shop to laser-cut the name of the TJDG onto a slate sign. We have opted for a plain background and our favorite quote from TJ. Stay tuned because exciting things are coming up!


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