March 23, 2013

We have certainly had some vacillating weather in the past few weeks! Thankfully, Lily had the foresight to look ahead in the weather forecast; she realized that our usual workday on Sunday would involve lots of snow, so we scheduled our time in the garden this week on Saturday instead. Kari and I started to work first on the hops bed; there were many weeds to be found there, as well as a multitude of acorns! Many of the acorns were starting to sprout themselves in the eagerness of spring. It took most of our time and energy to clear away all the weeds.  Here is part of the before:


Kari is working diligently:


And eventually we made progress..


It was absolutely amazing to leave books and laptops inside and revel in the glorious sunshine. Temperatures reached about fifty degrees and the work was truly enjoyable. Later Chelsea joined after her review ended and took my place as I had to leave for a service project. Chelsea and Kari worked together to clear out the flax. They also turned in rye that was sprouting up in the old peanut beds so the soil could reap the benefits. Soon we will be able to shape beds and start planting seeds!

Even though we experienced snow on Sunday, during our workday we saw hopeful, beautiful little signs of spring in the hops bed. Little hops plants are sprouting!


Here’s an even closer look:


All of the interns are itching to put away our winter coats and dig into the dirt to really get the TJDG going this season! Stay tuned for more workdays and events coming up soon!


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