Wednesday Workday!

Hello everyone!  This past Wednesday we all got to have a lovely break from classes to go work in the garden!  It was a pretty nice day outside, with a temperature of around mid-50s.  I think I can safely say that me and the rest of the interns are SO excited for the upcoming warm weather.  It’s going to be so wonderful to work in the garden on sunny, warm days!


Garden before workday!

Just as a preview of what’s to come for spring, we’ve noticed little plants sprouting up all around the garden!


Johnny Jump Ups (Viola Tricolor)

The garden is starting to look really good, and the only other bed that needs to be weeded is the indigo.  This workday we worked on weeding the flax bed, and afterwards we cleared out the sesame bed.

Kari and Marissa weeding the sesame bed

Kari and Marissa weeding the sesame bed

Soon we will be planting seeds and designing the layout of corn for our newest addition to the garden, the corn maze!  Exciting stuff ahead- our next workday is Sunday 04/07..There’s nothing better than taking a little break from work (or studio) to go out to the garden and enjoy the sun!  It should be a really nice day, so everyone come out and join us! We hope to see you there!


After the workday!

After the workday!

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