We’ve done quite a bit of work these past two weeks and the garden is transforming! On Sunday April 7th, we attacked the bed that housed the flax last year and tidied up other parts of the garden.

Cleaning up the blackberries

Cleaning up the blackberries

Digging up the indigo

Digging up the indigo







We also harvested Jerusalem Artichokes. The root of a Jerusalem Artichoke is similar to a potato. The TJDG interns pulled out the huge dead plants and sifted through the dirt looking for the delicious tubers. There were enough to fill a wheelbarrow and plenty more remain hidden in the soil.


Lily also planted these beautiful calendula!

We fixed up the bed, added soil to it, and expanded it. Then we chose the tubers with the most eyes and growth and replanted them.

On Saturday (4-13) morning Kari, Chelsea, and Emily helped Nancy out by planting a row of strawberry plants for the Hereford mini farm. They also transplanted blackberry plants from the edge of the Thomas Jefferson Demonstration Garden to a bed in the mini farm.

The following day, Sunday April 14th, was yet another beautiful spring day and a very productive work day. Additional beds were weeded, the corn bed from last season was prepared, and the weeding and pulling of the cotton plants began. The Jerusalem Artichokes that we planted last week are already popping up. It’s going to be a wonderful season!


Feel free to stop by the garden anytime! We will be having a work day this coming Sunday at 4:00.

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