Tuesday, April 16 and Sunday, April 21, 2013

The TJ Demo Garden was bustling with activity this week! On Tuesday, Nancy Takahashi’s USEM class came by for a tour of the garden. We shared with them the historical roots (sorry, couldn’t resist that pun!) and modern objectives of our beloved garden. After learning about a few plants and TJ’s mission, we set them to work!


Even Emert joined in on the fun!


It was amazing what a class full of able-bodied college student could accomplish in a under two hours. The volunteers pulled out all of the cotton plants surrounding the garden so fast—Chelsea and I were amazed! Next, they set to work hoeing and chopping up the jungle of weeds that had amassed underneath the cotton. Another handful of volunteers spread compost in the new bed that extends our garden.   It was rough work but we had a great sunny day to do it.

DSC_0381 DSC_0379

By the end, we had made quite a dent in the work needed to be done.


This Sunday, the interns reconvened to do more work in the garden. With shovels in hand, we rearranged the beds on the farthest side. Chelsea and Kari had previously measured out the beds to be four feet wide and the paths to be three feet wide. After building the beds, we mixed in compost in order to enrich the soil. Within the coming weeks we will plant the seeds.



In the new bed, we planted the buckwheat by broadcast seeding. With a good raking to mix in the compost and some watering, half of the garden extension is done. We will finish the other half next week. The buckwheat will enrich the soil so next year’s corn will be able to grow better.


The calendula and hops are still doing well, with aid from lots of sun as well as rain this past week.


Also, the paw paw trees are beginning to bloom!


Each week we get a little closer to finishing our reorganization of the garden!

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