May 25, 2013

The summer season at the garden has begun! The summer interns have taken over and are excited to continue the great work of those that prepared the beds and planted the seeds this spring.

My name is Meg, I am a Landscape Architecture graduate student at the UVa School of Architecture.  I am very excited to be getting my hands dirty this summer.  I’m looking forward to learning more about how to care for a garden and discovering all of the uses that Jefferson had in mind for this collection of plants.  Most of my garden-tending experience was in New Mexico, famous lately for their draughts, so I’m already thankful for the amount of rainfall we receive here and how well the plants respond to the moisture!

Already in my first week in the garden I have noticed a lot of growth, particularly in the Flax beds.  Image

We have had ample rainfall this week, so I have spent most of my time weeding, focusing on the Sesame room, the Flax beds, the Passionflower beds and the entrance path.  




Here are some other shots of the garden, highlighting the growth of the Yucca, Johnny-Jump-Ups and the Hops!




’til next time, 


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