May 30, 2013

Hello! Meg introduced herself last time, and since this is my first time working on the blog I’d like to introduce myself as well. 

My name is Ava and I’m the undergraduate intern working in the garden this summer alongside Meg. I’m a rising third year at UVa, majoring in Studio Art (with an expected concentration in photography). I first became interested in food and food production as a result of multiple conversations with my uncle, who raises cattle in Orange, VA. That interest in food production led to personal research which led me to volunteer at UVa’s Morven Kitchen Garden last spring. I fell in love with the work and the opportunity to reconnect with nature and with Charlottesville’s food heritage. I’m particularly excited to be working in the TJ Demo Garden with some of Jefferson’s spotlighted plants this summer and with plants that are not usually found in typical vegetable gardens!

We’re expecting to get a delivery of mulch before Saturday so we can begin mulching the paths between beds on our Saturday group workday. The mulch hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ve been weeding the paths and beds in preparation! The garden is looking quite tidy lately–it will be beautiful once we get the mulch down. We’ve noticed that something has been nibbling on plants in both the Demo Garden and our neighbor, the Hereford Mini-Farm, which apparently has not been a problem in the past few years. Yesterday, I went over to Fifth Season to get some deer deterrent (all natural!) which I sprayed on our seedlings and nibbled plants this morning. Hopefully it’s effective. 

Below are a few pictures I took this morning–not too much has changed since Meg posted last week, but it’s good to get a different perspective!

ImageImageImageImageImageImage1. Wheelbarrow full of weeds

2. Ladybug sittin’ pretty on a passionflower leaf

3. Yucca standing tall and proud!

4. Beautiful slate signage

5. Salsify

6. Baby cotton

Meg will be back next week to update you!

– Ava

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