June 9, 2013

After receiving a delivery of mulch last weekend, our goal was to have the paths weeded and mulched this week.  The end of the week brought a couple inches of rain, so it was good that the weeds were gone, but unfortunately, some of the mulch washed away too.  

This morning we built the trellis extension for the hops plants (Humulus americanus).  We attached 5 strands of twine to a wire that runs along the top of the greenhouse and to the wire that runs between the two posts that are currently holding up the hops.  We found loose pieces of the hops plant to coax onto the new twine (which was difficult because many of the vines at the top had intertwined with each other making it hard to detangle individual lengths).  The goal is that the hops will now grow along the twine, alleviating weight from the trellis with wood posts and creating a covered area next to the greenhouse.  



The sunflowers (Helianthus annuus), seen in the foreground, are growing nicely:


Ava thinned out the sesame beds (Sesamum indicum) this week to give the plants space to grow:


The yucca (Yucca filamentosa) is in bloom:


Next to the yucca is the nutmeg plant (Nigella sativa) with beautiful blooms:


We also began to see passionflower blooms (Passiflora incarnata) today and soon there will be many more:


Til next week, 


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