Center for Historic Plants Open House + Garden Update

The garden has been getting a LOT of rain in the past week or so. It’s looking extremely green and robust and we’re getting a break from having to water it most days! The one problem with all this rain is that it’s washed away quite a bit of the mulch we just laid down in the paths and has created little streams and rivulets throughout the garden. Hopefully once everything has a chance to dry out we can rake the mulch back into shape.

The Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants had an Open House at Tufton Farm this past weekend, featuring a plant sale, garden tours, and two speakers. I was there manning the Demo Garden information table, featuring cut plants from the garden and textile samples from a dye workshop that took place a year or two ago. Visitors to the Open House enjoyed seeing some of the plants that Jefferson deemed to be useful and learning about how they’re used.

I was lucky to catch a break from my table to listen to Peter Hatch, the Director of Gardens and Grounds at Monticello for the past 30+ years and author of A Rich Spot of Earth. The theme of the Open House was “Thomas Jefferson, Gardener,” and Mr. Hatch’s talk revolved around Jefferson’s horticultural interests, complete with quotes and anecdotes to illustrate Jefferson’s sense of humor and love of nature.

It was a beautiful day at Tufton and from what I could see, there was great turn out, with lots of plants sold!

ImageThe Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants at Tufton Farm


Image– Ava

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One Response to Center for Historic Plants Open House + Garden Update

  1. Very nice exhibit – glad the day went well for ya!

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