June 28, 2013

I’ve been working in the garden for a solid month now, and can really notice it’s growth and progress in that time. All the plants are vividly green and expanding in all different directions. I noticed that squirrels dug up a few peanut plants in an attempt to get some (not quite ripe yet?) peanuts, so last weekend Lily and I put some netting over those plants, hopefully deterring the squirrels and allowing us to eat some peanuts when the time comes! The jerusalem artichoke plants are taller than us now, so Lily and I also staked a perimeter around that bed to keep the plants upright as they continue to grow. We’ve been having some trouble with cotton and corn. A handful of cotton plants have inexplicably rotted, so the bed looks a little patchy but we continue to sow new seeds in the empty spots. Over half of the cotton plants are strong and healthy, though! The corn has had trouble staying rooted and upright, but we’ve sowed more seeds in that bed as well so hopefully we’ll have more corn coming up in the next few weeks. The cowpea, on the other hand, is certainly thriving in that bed!

Here are (more than) a few photos illustrating the garden’s progress:ImageImagePassionflowersImageHopsImageSesame plants and my shadow!ImageOne of our more robust corn plantsImageIndigoImageCottonImageNutmeg plants with seed pods hardeningImageBaby wheatImageBeautiful wildflowers at the Hereford Mini-Farm GardenImageMore hops!Image

– Ava

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