July 15, 2013

This week we are continuing to notice growth in the plants, some of which are almost ready to harvest! We had another very rainy week–leaving the ground very damp all week.  As a result, Ava and I took the opportunity to clean out the greenhouse since we didn’t need to water the plants.  It is now very organized and easy to access the tools and other garden implements.

During our group work day we decided to clean out the salsify and wheat beds.  The wheat never thrived this season, so we decided it was best to take it out and plant buckwheat as a cover crop in both beds to revitalize the soil.

Ava and I will soon begin to experiment with the usefulness of plants in the garden and share with you our process and result.  I will be working with Sumac and Hops and Ava will work with Soapwort and Indigo, so stay tuned!

Panorama from July 14, 2013:


The sesame, corn and cotton have grown taller this week:



Ava hammering in a bamboo stake to stabilize the Sunflowers:


We used the same method of staking the Sunflowers as we did with the Jerusalem Artichoke (staking around the whole bed as opposed to each plant).  We also staked the corn, but decided to stake each stalk individually since they are more spread out.


Ava sowing buckwheat seeds in the salsify bed:


Each wheat plant should look like this but many of them look like they had been chewed on…


so we pulled them and planted buckwheat:


The tansy and cotton are flowering; we are waiting for the nutmeg seed pods to open so we can collect the seeds for next year; the cowpea is ready to harvest.  We tried the cowpea seed pod and it tastes a lot like a green bean–delicious!




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