August 2, 2013 | Garden Update







The end of July has not required a great deal of maintenance in the garden.  As you can see, the plants are growing beautifully and we are reveling in the joy of reaping the benefits of our hard work in June and early July.  Below are a few small tasks we’ve accomplished in the last few weeks as well as a few prize blooms.



When the nutmeg seed pods dried out, we opened them to remove the seeds to be used next year.Image



The wormwood and southernwood were getting a little too tall, so we cut them to about a foot tall. (I did this about a week and a half ago, and there is already new growth, as expected).Image




The sunflowers have finally bloomed!Image


Sesame bloom:Image

Cotton bloom:Image

A visiting Luna Moth:IMG_4233


We are looking forward to what the garden will produce in the last weeks of summer.  Stay tuned for posts about indigo and hops.


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